Doing your taxes can be a stressful process, especially if you don’t fully understand everything you’re looking at.

Tax Projection & Planning

We can help with effective tax planning before your next tax return is processed so you will not be caught by surprise with a large tax bill. For an additional fee, let us offer you tax planning services. Reach out to us for more information.

That’s where the team at Fisher Tax Solution Inc in Fort Worth, Texas comes in. They will take the stress out of tax time for you by providing several services that will come in handy. They keep up on the latest happenings in the world of taxes to hone their skills and provide you with high-quality service, no matter what state you’re filing in.

Their goal is to make the tax filing process as simple as possible while using careful planning to minimize any potential tax liabilities that could affect you. In order for the team Fisher Tax Solution Inc to help you with your tax situation, you will participate in a tax preparation interview. This interview can be done in person, by email, or by mail - whichever is the most convenient way to contact you. Whatever may be going on in your life, the team at Fisher Tax Solution Inc is here to help give you the best advice for your specific situation.

What is Tax Preparation and Planning? 

Tax preparation is a type of service that helps you file your federal and state income taxes as applicable to the law. It is very different from tax planning, which involves analyzing your tax situation before you file. Oftentimes, these two services go hand in hand, which is why hiring an accountant who can handle both is recommended. 

Why Tax Preparation is Important

Filing taxes can be complicated, especially if you’re a small-business owner or if you recently inherited money or property. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) outlines how certain individuals and business entities have to file in accordance with federal law. Failure to file your taxes or failure to do so correctly could incur penalties such as monetary fines and even jail time. 

This is just one of the reasons tax preparation is important. A professional tax preparer can help ensure that you are filling out the correct paperwork. For example, small-business owners in Texas have to complete an IRS 1040 Schedule SE, which is used to calculate how much you have to pay based on your net earnings from self-employment. To complete this form, you’ll need to consult the information listed in your previous taxpayer records. Tax preparation goes over this common information to ease the burden of doing it yourself, while also reducing the chance of error. 

Whether you need to file your current returns, manage your retirement plan, or are trying to start a college fund for your child’s future, the team at Fisher Tax Solution Inc can help.

Fisher Tax Solution Inc offers the following services:

  • Individual Tax Preparation - Have you tried filing your taxes? Confused by what it all means? Don’t go through the headache alone. Our team can walk you through the process to ensure that you’re filing your taxes correctly.

  • Business Tax Return Preparation - You own a small business and while you may be the one in charge, you’re also your own accountant. We can help take that stress off your shoulders by making sure your business is filing the correct way and keeping your business’s tax liabilities to a minimum.

  • Partnership & Corporate Tax Preparation - Partnership and Corporate Taxes are geared towards large businesses where there’s a lot of investment and profit-sharing. We can help you navigate those waters so your taxes don’t get lost in the shuffle.

  • Tax & Education Planning - Did you know that there are certain tax exemptions if you pay for college expenses? We can help you find which exemptions you qualify for.

  • Out-of-State Returns - We are qualified and up to date to handle state tax returns from all 50 states.

  • Business Start-ups - If you’re looking to start your own business, we can help you become your own S-corp.

Call Fisher Tax Solution Inc to Get Started on Tax Preparation and Planning Today

Fisher Tax Solution Inc is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Call today at (866) 547-1046. 

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Call us at (866) 547-1046 and let us show you how our IRS tax problem expertise can save you in the long run.

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